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Next Racing Events

ARC Vintage Motocross Races
July 15-16

2016-17 Events Schedule
Sat. May 28 Harecrambles - WYNOA
Sun. June 3 ATV Motocross - New
Sun. June 4 Motocross
Sun. June 18 Mud Bogs/Tuff Trucks Autocross/ATV-UTVs
Sun. June 18 ATV Motocross - New
Sun. July 2 Scooters Memorial Trail Ride
Sat. July 15
ACR-Vintage &
Logo Vet Motocross Championship
ALL bikes on National Hill Track
Sun. July 16
ACR-Vintage &
Logo Vet Motocross Championship
Vets on National Hill Track
Aug. 18-20
Hillbilly Bog/Tuff Trucks Autocross/ATV-UTVs
Truck Trails open!
View Trails
Sat-Sun. Sept. 16-17 35th Annual NY State Motocross Championships
Sun. Oct. 21 ATV Motocross - New
Sun. Oct. 22 Motocross
Sun. Oct. 29 Mud Bogs/Tuff Trucks Autocross/ATV-UTVs
Truck Trails open!
View Trails
Sun. Nov 12 Trail Ride
Sun. Dec. 3 Trail Ride
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BTSC offers RENTAL of the
Motocross Tracks
Info by phone: 607-849-4438

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Motocross Practice
Wednesday, June 28


New Track Layout
Fun, Exciting, Challenging, Safe!

New Course Direction
Redesigned Safer Start
Fun New Jumps
Some Old Jumps are Back
Some Cool New Features
Lots of Mulch added

Practice $25
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Race photos
Snow '17 1/21  
Snow '16 11/7 12/12 1/9 2/6 2/20 3/5 4/16
Moto '15 4/12 7/11 7/19 9/06    
Moto '16 7/9 7/10        
WNYOA Scrambles 5/25/14 5/29/16
Hillbilly Bog 9/4        
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