2018 Mudbog/Tuff Trucks/Autocross
UTV-ATV Schedule
Sun. July 15 Family Trail Ride
Aug. 31-Sep. 2 Hillbilly Bog
Oct. 27-20
Halloween Bash - View Trails

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Autocross is very similar to motocross racing. A closed course consists of both left and right turns, with small jumps and hills. We recommend junk cars to compete in this race as "Rubbing is Racing." The Autocross Course will be watered down to keep dust down and reduce speeds.

The racing consists of Heat races as well as a Last Chance Qualifier to make up a field of competitors for the Main Event. The purse is paid out based on the results of the Main Event. Qualifiers are shorter lap races with the Last Chance Qualifier race being shorter yet. The Main Events are considerably more laps then the qualifying races and determines the overall winner.

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