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Autocross, Tuff Trucks
UTV & ATV Races!!!
Broome-Tioga is working to generate interest among the Off -Road 4 x 4 community to develop an offroad riding / wheeling facilty. Broome-Tioga has 200 acres and would love to add to its already growing series of Off-Road racing events that include: Mud Bogs, Tuff Truck Racing, Hill Drags, and our annual Hillbilly Bog Events.

We hope to branch out and include Rock Crawling, Log Crawling , Frame Twisters, and as many other obsacles as we can come up with. From what we know, the next closest facility is Rausch Creek, in Tremont, PA. which is about 2.5 hrs. from Broome Tioga. We'll hold open days of "Wheeling" where you can camp for the weekend and enjoy our Off-Road facility.

Please provide input regarding a local Off-Road club either at the meeting on 10/6, by e-mail to btscmx@yahoo.com or on the Broome-Tioga Facebook page.

Track Rental

BTSC offers rental of the Motocross Tracks
to groups for special events.

Info by phone: 607-849-4438
Email: btscmx@yahoo.com