2014 Harescrambles
Sun. May 25 Harescrambles WNYOA
Sat. July 12 GP / Harescrambles
Sun. Sept. 21 GP / Harescrambles
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Ticket Prices

*General Admission $10/day

Children 10 years and under
not racing are FREE!
(Must be accompanied by an adult).

Webmaster: Gene Nighman

Sunday, Sept. 21

Time Schedule
Gates open 12:00 noon on Saturday.
Sunday Registration
Sunday 7-7:30am
Mini Bike & PeeWee Quad
Sunday 7:30-9:00am
PeeWee Bike & Mini Quad
Sunday 10:30am Bikes
10:30-11:30am Registration Closed
Sunday 11:30-2:00pm Quads
2 pm Registraion Closes
A $5.00 Fee is required for a
New Scoring Transponder.
Sunday Race Start Times
Mini Bike Classes: Start - 8:00am
45 minute race.
PeeWee Quad Classes: Start - 8:00am
45 minute race
PeeWee Bike Classes: Start - 9:30am
45 minute race
(All PeeWee classes will start with live engine).
Mini Quad Classes: Start - 9:30 am
45 minute race
(Youth Quads will start with a live engine).
All machines must have working
front and rear brakes.
Big Bike Classes: Start - 11:00 am
2 hour race 
Quad Classes: Start - 2:30 pm
1.5 hour race
All Races Rain or Shine